How to Spot Fake Reviews

The last thing you want is to make a purchase based on fake or incentivized reviews. Here are some quick tips for spotting fake reviews on Amazon or other retail sites:

Check the dates

If a product seems too good to be true, check the dates on the reviews for the product. If there are a lot of positive reviews within a short time period, you can assume that they're mostly fake.



Check if it is a verified purchase

A verified purchase means that the person who purchased the item did so through Amazon and therefore has real experience with the product.



Check the language

Many times, fake reviews are generated by people whose native language is not English, so you might see some weird formalities in the text. For instance, if they say "12.00 USD" instead of "$12.00", that might mean it is a fake review. Also, look for over-punctuation and over-promising.



Click the reviewer’s profile

If you feel like a review seems suspect, be sure to click the reviewer’s profile to see if they have reviewed any other products. A legitimate reviewer should have a multitude of other reviews for other products they have purchased.



If you’re still wondering if the product reviews you are reading online are accurate, why not enlist the help of your friends? Download Tactac and consult your friends before you buy!