Tactac is a Colorado-based technology company on a mission to radically change the way we shop. It is time to reclaim our confidence and cut back on returned purchases. At tactac, we believe that friends provide the best advice for shopping. Why sift through anonymous reviews? Why not listen to those we trust?

Tactac was founded by parents who care about the products we buy for our children. While shopping for families is a major focus, everyone needs help when it comes to shopping. Let’s face it, nobody knows it all. In an ever-changing world, our network can help us keep up with the latest and greatest as well as what to avoid.  Friends make shopping easier.




We're parents living in Colorado. We Believe Outfitting our families shouldn’t be so hard. Through experience, we know friends makes shopping easier. That's why we created tactac - to make everyone’s lives easier.

We re-imagined every single part of the shopping experience. We quickly learned that community is at the heart shopping - not technology. We're bringing back the sharing of experiences and wisdom that used to happen before everything went online. Tactac connects us to those we trust when we're making important decisions. Distance is no longer a concern when shopping - we can still be together.